Until Then.

3. If you were to take a class to learn a new skill – what would that class be? Why?

Have you ever just watched someone play the piano? Forget the music for just a second, I’m talking about actually watching the way a person plays the piano. The way their hands tap the keys and seem to make every note sound poetic. The enthusiasm and concentration on their face as they bring the song they are playing to life. The passion that comes in forces towards all listening, palpable, artistic and sweet. What goes through one’s mind as they sit there and play? Does it depend on the song? Does it depend on their mood? How does a piano players emotions feed the music, or feed the way they play?

I want to be that piano player. I’ve never played an instrument but I have always wanted to learn. I want to express myself in song sometimes rather than here with my words. Words tell your story but music, instrumental music to be more specific, tells all. How a song makes me feel could make you feel a completely different way. A song that inspires most could make some cry. It’s all about perspective I guess. I want to create that for myself and others. I rarely see here how my writing affects those who read me or if it affects them at all. I can’t see into your computer screen to see if my story, that has impacted me in a specific way, has the same impact on you. I can’t visualize those who read my stories and blog’s reactions.

It’s hard to hide emotions when they hit you. I don’t care how good of a poker face you think you have. Seeing an ex… BAM… reaction. Finding out you failed your test… BAM… emotion. You can run from it all you want but I bet whatever you’re feeling is right there, in your eyes.

Maybe someday I’ll learn to play. Maybe some day I will be the one people wonder about. What is she feeling, they may wonder. Until then I’ll sit here, behind the scenes, hoping that maybe something I’ve written has caused someone to pause for a minute. Maybe something I write will affect someone in a way that it has affected me, or maybe it will be completely opposite. Until then, I’ll wonder.





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