The closer we got to the cliff’s edge, the more rapid my breaths came. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. I looked towards the heavens, mind racing, hoping that the image of Kuebiko wouldn’t present itself again. Enough crooked sinful acts had unwound themselves the past week, and I needed a break. Evan seemed un phased since the collision of our worlds. He was calm, and even though after all the events that had taken place the past week made his chill demeanor seem scary, in a way it was enticing. I couldn’t help the sudden attraction I was feeling. Maybe it was the yellow glow of the moon, but I wanted him. He could lead  me head first into a black hole and I knew without a doubt I would follow.

Was it really just his personality turning me on? Surely I wasn’t all that attracted to the brute. His black eyes hiding millions of secrets scared me, yet they thrilled me and drew me in at the same time. His greasy hair shone in the moonlight, and surprisingly I wanted to run each strand through my fingers, one at a time. His muscular figure I once found too manly was appetizing. I needed him.

Yet he was so cryptic with the way he felt. So distant. Ever since the accident he would spontaneously enrage in a fit of fury and vitriol. It was frightening during those moments, but oh so worth it to watch him erupt. Like a volcano, exploding out of thin air and then calm as the river. He was the beast, and it seemed I was his beauty. He would never let me go.

I didn’t even want him to.

Was there a way to combine the darkness from his world with the lightness in mine? To my knowledge not only had it never happened before but it was forbidden. Yet the way he grabbed me and held me tight to keep me safe the night of the accident combined with the glimpse of fear in his eyes, fear for my life, made me think that it was possible. I could tame the beast inside him while he let out the sultress hidden in me.

He looked at me, and finally those black eyes spoke to me. Underneath the blackness, lust poured out in cupfuls. More than that, I could feel the love wanting to be let out of its cage. I had to find a way to help him let loose of these emotions that were so foreign to the monsters of his kind. I had to bring him closer to my light. But how?


To be continued….



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