Hey it’s me… Part two

Part One

I was slightly hyperventilating as I pulled on to Lance’s block. The block I used to frequent.. no.. the block I once lived on. I couldn’t believe I was actually driving up to his house and at the same time I couldn’t not believe it. I didn’t know what I felt or what was going through my head. Why an I here?

I pulled up to the house, the same yellow shingles staring back at me. Nothing had changed it seemed. The cars were all parked where they usually were parked. The tree covering the living room windows was still there, yet slightly leas foreboding than it once was. The fence was still white and peeling in most places. There was a dog running around that I had never seen before.

I pulled out my iPhone and texted him.

Hey. Come outside. 

He must have seen me pull up because no more than a second passed before he made his way outside. He looked the same, in a way. A tad heavier and a look in his eye I couldn’t quite place. Was he happy to see me? Angry? I know I broke his heart back then but he broke mine too.

“You going to get out the car and hug me or what?”

Oh. Shit.

I laughed, got out the car and gave the man a hug, ya know, since he asked. Yet when I tried to pull away he pulled me tighter. Shit. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. 

“So what’s going on? I missed you,” he said, and the longing in his voice was not lost upon me. But that was just it. I didn’t miss him. I never did. And as I quickly came to realize this I again wondered, what the fuck am I doing here?

“Yeah,” I said. “I bet you did.”

To be continued….


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