Do You Yearn?

I am definitely a yearner. I Am constantly searching for more. It’s not that I’m never satisfied. I am satisfied with some aspects of my life. But I always want more and to me there’s nothing wrong with that. Now the first group is where my husband lies. And if you ask me id much rather be a yearner than someone who is just ok with what is. To me, people like that rarely strive for more. Why doesn’t my husband go back and finish his degree? Because he’s ok with his job and doesn’t feel the need to finish college. Me however. I yearn to get a degree. I hate my past because it has led me here, no degree and no way to get one yet. I hate waiting. I am completely impatient. I need to see and feel things happen.
I’m a yearner. I’m a dreamer. But most of all I’m a believer. And no matter how many times I fail or give up I always get back on the horse. And to me… There’s nothing wrong with that.

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I had an interesting conversation with a co-worker today.  He and I have had a lot of interesting conversations over the last ten years about the challenges we face in our lives.  We have a lot of similarities in terms of work and family and life.

He said something interesting.  And this isn’t quite it, but it’s how I’m going to modify it for my purposes.  There are two kind of people.  Those who are okay with what is and don’t push real hard for more.  And those who never stop looking for something.  There’s nothing wrong with either group.

The truth is, and longtime readers of this blog will know this, that I’m in the second group.  I am a yearner, which is how my co-worker described it.  We yearn.  And, the truth is that yearning is what defines us.  There’s a saying that addresses this.  It’s not about…

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A Storm is Brewing

The signs are there and this time I can't ignore them. He's angry. He's cruel. He's throwing things and slamming doors. Punching walls and doors. The next thing on his hit list will be me. Every single time it's the same sequence of events. Anger leading to childish tantrum like behavior leading to violence. I… Continue reading A Storm is Brewing