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Punish me. 

“Are you prepared for tomorrow?” he asked in his nonchalant way. I looked up from my calendar to find his aquamarine eyes burning into me. The fire within him, never tepid, made me shiver inside and put my heart into a tachycardic arrhythmia. I knew what he had planned for tomorrow but I couldn’t affirm that I was ready. Truth is, I wasn’t. The punitive nature of tomorrow’s activities didn’t frighten me. I knew that in his mind I deserved every spank, every long awaited moment to bliss. He will torture me with pleasure until I beg for his forgiveness.

“Yes Miguel. I am ready,” I almost whispered while absentmindedly tracing my cursive over and over in my calendar. I hoped my nervousness wasn’t too apparent to him. As a seasoned sexual icon he, not surprisingly, seemed calm.

“Good,” he said, dropping his voice and whispering into my ear.

The next day I awaited my punishment in the piano room, a sad looking room painted all white with only the black piano in the corner to offer any semblance of color. I sat their with my hands on the keys.

I looked up to find him in the doorway, a black leather whip in his hands, staring at me. Blinding me with his pulchritude, I took a deep breath. His long strides towards me made me wet with desperation. I knew instantly that tonight would test my limits.

“You know what to do mi amor,” he said.

I nodded, grabbed the blindfold off the top of the keyboard and put it on. It’s silk texture was heaven against my skin. I put my hands in his as he tied them with something smooth and cool.

He placed the tip of his cock on my bottom lip and I swallowed it whole. Deeper and deeper I took it and oh when he moaned I moaned. His taste like a margarita, the perfect combination of sweet and salty. I drowned in his flavor as he pinched and kneaded my nipples and breasts. Every few minutes he would dip his finger into my folds. I wanted to burst out in relief but he wouldn’t let me. The point was to punish me, make me wait and beg for it. I was ready, so ready to beg. I couldn’t give him the satisfaction.

Not yet.


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