If I did it like you do

I need a beat for this….
If I tried

Do the things you do

Like leave and hide

Ignore all your calls and you

You just keep on calling

And texting

Worried while I’m out here 

Doing my own thing. 

What would you do?

How would you feel?

If I did it like you. 

Played these games with a smile on my face

Just like you do. 

Switch it up

I’ll rock the pants.

Throw me a beer 

Grab me a dance

Shut down my phone

Ignore all my calls

Would you like it? 

Like it if I did it like you do?

Imagine just imagine

The roles reversed, how can that happen?

I’m not spiteful, I’m insightful

Let’s switch it up

And tell me how it feels when I do it like you do. 



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