I think I spoke too soon

After another abusive session with the husband today I’m feeling really low and depressed. I thought we were over this already. I guess not. It was uncalled for and unfortunately right in front of my kids. He was angry because the kids were being loud and he wanted to sleep. I was trying to get the kids out of the house. After he repeatedly pointed his finger in my face I gave him an attitude and the abuse began. I was actually holding my one year old son when he placed his hand over my nose and mouth after he twisted my wrist behind my back and punched my arm. I panicked because I couldn’t breathe and he wasn’t letting go. 

Once he did let go I tried to grab my daughter and leave but he grabbed me again as I got to the door. Again I couldn’t breathe so on reflex I jabbed my thumb into his eye. That did it and as soon as he let go I pleaded with him to let me grab the kids and go. 

He let me go….




  1. I’m so sorry you had to go through this. I know all too well what it is like to love a guy who gets physical with you when upset. I was in a domestic violence relationship with a boy I loved to death for nearly a year, I was only 20 years old. We wasn’t married just dating and he tried to kill me twice! It was terrible but I know what it is like to not want to give up on a person you love like that. I know how people will say you are stupid and choosing to stand by someone who hurts you, they say you deserve better, but after a while you just feel like maybe you do deserve it. I know what it is like and it sucks. I’m sorry I hope he is getting some form of help now. And I hope you stay strong

    • Thank you. We’re going to marriage counseling. It was helping for a while but I’m always expecting him to revert back to his old ways. I see the violence in him. It’s just beneath the surface Am I stupid for staying? Absolutely. Do I wish I had left him? Every day. But I really believe that everything happens for a reason. If I had left I wouldn’t have my children and I would go through anything to have my babies

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