I want..

It’s time for me to get started on accomplishing the little goals I have for myself and I have no idea where to start. Then when I finally get time to think about it I have no clue what I want! I should probably focus on one thing at a time. So here comes the first thing on my list. 

I want to sign up for some type of dance class. Hip hop or pole dancing. Now I know how to pole dance and all but it’s such a great core exercise I have to start. 

More details soon but that’s my goal this week. 

On the bright side my husband had an interview for a great position yesterday and it seems as if it went well. I’m proud of him and I hope he gets it (though I kinda have a feeling he did). 


6 thoughts on “I want..

  1. You’re doing exactly what I was going to suggest. Pick a goal that seems the closest and also relatively easy to obtain. And then go from there. It’s kind of like something I’m doing now. Starting with this month, I’m trying to remove the irrelevant distractions from my life and fill them with the things that matter more. One at a time. One at a time.

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