Oh And Then…

The door to the office closed. My heart was racing. I knew I would say no; You knew I didn’t mean it. You hesitated, touched my cheek and I waited. You asked and I said no but inside I pleaded. How could I resist such attention as this. “Yes,” I whispered. So full and soft and new. I wanted more but felt it was too good to be true. Your hands on my waist, and oh the taste. So quick, it seemed… Too quick. Now I can’t get your lips off my mind and its killing me. A kiss is just a kiss til it feels like this and then… Oh and then…

Another night and I have your lips on mine. I want more but I’m just too shy. So I replay our first meeting and wait. When I see you its fate, it happens again .. Oh and then. I don’t want it to end and my no means yes but you stop immediately. Such respect and I love it but I hate it because I want it I’m just too scared to take it. Regret is a strong word but now I’m longing to feel your hands on me, lips on mine. I want you more and more each time and I think if only he would take the lead and just keep his hands on me, kiss me without question.. Oh and then. Will it happen again? If so then what?
Oh and then…



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