She emerged from the shallows of the river. Her face a mask of emotions, too many to reveal her true purpose. Radiantly beautiful, she slowly steps from the lake. Step by step she makes her way to the beast. He lies in wait, injured. As she approaches him he collapses, losing the rest of his strength in a heap. He’s lost track of the hours he lie in wait for her to come. The only way to regain his strength is for her to sink her teeth into his chest, right above his heart, so that the venom of her purity seeps into his soul. She just stares, reeling in his desperation, preparing herself for the attack that is immanent. His bones pertruding in odd places, the pain has been replaced with anxiety. Will she save him? WIll she run once she’s done? WIll he be able to track her once she’s gone? 

She steps to his side and places her algid hand on his shoulder. Surprisingly, he feels no pain but an instense burning heat, comfortbale and hot steeping through his skin. The healing process has begun. He looks up at her to discover shes nude in the moonlight. Her skin pale and perfect, so close to his. She kneels and all he can imagine is her lucious lips surrounding his cock, pumping his blood to intense heat. She smirks, as if she could see his thoughts. A light touch of her lips on his and he can barely control himself. Before he can open his eyes he feels the pierce of her teeth into his chest. The venom spreads like fire, singing his veins, repairiong his wounds. He opens his eyes…..

image source: http://crescentia-fortuna.deviantart.com/art/Noel-Sleeping-Beauty-257727897



  1. This is quite an engaging fantasy which could of course be continued. Lets hope you do. (However may a suggest running the work through a spellchecker as a few errors did stand out).

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