Venting on Another’s Problems… For Once.

For the first time in forever… (sung, of course, as Anna from Frozen)

I am venting on a friend of mine’s dilemma instead of my own. Who wants to hear more of my bs anyway… not me. Well, I made a new friend at work I guess and he’s a really great guy. However, I think he’s making a huge mistake. He knows I think this but he’s optimistic about his situation. Of course, I support him regardless but internally I keep hoping his heart is protected. He’s gotten back with a girl who not only cheated on him but gave him an STD due to cheating. 

We all know how I feel about cheating but in case you didn’t, let me reiterate. I don not agree with, or support cheating in any way shape or form. I do not believe there is any excuse for it. You can tell me a million different scenarios, “Oh, well she cheated because I did this.. or didn’t do that.. or blah blah blah,”…. doesn’t matter. No excuse. I, for one, do not forgive easily, if ever. (Probably never in this situation). 

Oh man, I have a bad feeling about this…..


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