The “F It” Point

“Because that’s the thing with f it points. Once they’ve been reached there is no turning back”

Lessons From the End of a Marriage

I’m not sure the exact moment I reached the “F it” point with my car, but I can easily identify the factors that contributed to the mindset.

I think it started with the broken trunk that refused to open without a complicated and tedious routine that involved simultaneously twisting a key, wiggling a latch and saying a prayer. I would only engage in the routine on those rare occasions when I needed to carry some large object that couldn’t be fed through the doors (okay, or when I “needed” to carry an insanely large amount of plants). It simply became too difficult to open the trunk to clean out errant receipts and other detritus that seems to accumulate in a car.

And then the leather seats (that elicited a disappointed “Oh, Lisa” from my mother upon hearing about my new purchase) started to crack at the point where the seat…

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