Song in the Making

If only I knew how to play an instrument.

I’ve realized I’ve come too far

Can’t turn around and back down now
I’m just so broken. So beautifully broken

There’s just so much one heart can take

I love you but it’s a little too late

Time to say goodbye for now

Though it could be forever. 

There’s no turning back once we part ways

And take our separate paths

Knowing that its just so wrong

But feels so right

No matter how much we fight

It’s a bond so strong we’ve had for so long 

Now the strings beginning to fray
Tired of trying tired of crying

Tired of making excuse after excuse

Tired of living my life for all the wrong reasons

Tired of living it all for you

I want what I deserve even though that may not be you

I want to have the best for me 

I want the best for you too. 
Once upon a time so so long ago

A girl had a dream a vision 

Made a quick decision

And changed her life indefinitely

Sometimes I sit at home and wonder

 if while I was young I knew how my life would become

Wonder wonder would I change?

Would I do all things the same?

Would I take a different path or two?

Would they all lead me up to you?

God puts people in our lives for reasons far beyond the scope of our understanding

Feeling empty

And I don’t know how to shake this feeling

It comes around every time you’re screaming

Every time you say I’m just not good enough for you

Feeling so sad

It’s to the point where I’m not even mad


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