Flightless Girl <3


image source: http://www.animegalleries.net/img/372406
I’ve had more regret than I can take in my life. The wrong decision is always the first thing that comes to my mind when figuring things out. When you are young, you don’t realize how much of an impact making the wrong decisions can have on your life. You think you are invincible, and you think you are always right. You are wrong. Decisions I’ve made years ago, when I was a mere teenager even, have haunted me to this day. Not just the regrets but the consequences of my immature actions have kept me from being able to have the life I want. I live in a place where if you don’t make a decent paycheck, you don’t live. Because of the past, I’m stuck. I make small, miniscule, steps to correct my situation but most of the time I can’t fix it.
She is flightless.

She is scorned.

She is regretful and forlorn.

And no matter what she does

There’s no escaping the past.

She feels useless

and unsure.

Afraid there may never be a cure

For the daily pain of past mistakes.

She is flightless

and its true.

You never know how wrong you are until suddenly you do.

It’s too late to go back now.

The present and future is all she has now.

She is flightless.

She is flightless.

She is stuck and feeling dreamless.

For every dream she has is crushed

by her prior choices.

Here she stays and struggles

Never looking forward to tomorrow.

And she tries, 

and she tries,

but her wings are clipped and she can’t reach the skies.

She is flightless. 

She is flightless.



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