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Vacation to Atlantis.
I have never been anywhere special, never had a chance to do anything grand. The farthest I’ve ever gone is the border, though to me that was a trip in itself. So today I’ve decided to do something drastic. I’m a sucker for a good mystery and something that has always mystified me is the tales of Atlantis. Now, I know no one knows exactly where Atlantis is or how to find it, but with my thorough research I think I may have a clue. So today I’m stepping way out of my comfort zone and boarding a private jet to take me through the Bermuda Triangle. All things lost there have yet to be found and I strongly believe that instead of getting lost, this magical triangle will take me to wherever my heart desires. The world isn’t big enough for planes and people to be lost forever. So now I fly.

I get on the plane with shaking hands, nervous but filled with excitement. The pilot, and old bloke from Norway who has a touch of dementia- probably the reason I was able to manipulate him so easily, is asleep in his chair. I nudge hima wake and he turns to me and smiles that great smile older people get that crinkles their eyes and makes you wonder what they have seen in their lifetime. I smile back and take my seat in the back, close enough to keep an eye on the bloke but yet far enough away to be left in peace with my thoughts. My hands, petite and olive, are tingling with anticipation. We start to ascend and my heart lifts up with the plane. I’m flying, literally yet flying inside my dreams. Fear has been pushed to the back of my head and I can’t contain myself anymore. I laugh and laugh and laugh. The ocean is beautiful from this point of view, and as I look out the window I see a few whales swimming by. What are you thinking about whale? I think as the plane climbs higher and higher. 

“Miss, we’re almost at the point of no return. Are you sure you want to do this?” the old bloke asks. He’s hesistant and slow with his words and I pause slightly. Am I ready to find out if my hypothesis is correct? I’m unable to answer.

Time stops, and I don’t mean that in the imaginative sense. It literally stops. My phone is a blank screen, my watch isn’t ticking. The dials on the dash of the plane are whirling aroun, around, around… clockwise and counterclockwise, faster and faster. I hear a strange humming and the pilot is gone. I didn’t even see him disappear but he’s gone. I run to the cockpit and stare at a multitude of swirling colors, all the colors you can imagine just swirling in a cone like shape faster and faster. My breathing becomes labored and as I begin my descent it stops. I’m on a dirt patch with the greenest of grass surrounding me. The sky id bluer than I’ve ever seen it and the sun… It’s enormous. Trees all around me lush with leaves and fruit the size of my head. I slowly start to get up and in front of me, holding out a hand is the most beautiful being. A man, ripped with muscle, brown skin, and the blackest of hair slicked back into a long braid. 

“Welcome,” the stranger says in a sensuous voice, velvet smooth it draws me in. “This is Atlantis.” 
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3 thoughts on “Vacation to Atlantis.

  1. Thanks so much for participating in the Tale Weaver prompt.
    Fantastic! I came away with strong visuals. I hope you get to Atlantis on your dream vacation.

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