Escaping My Demon.

What is a good word for an extremely thought out plan, other than the obvious? For weeks I’ve had more ideas about the way I would leave Cincinnati than I’ve had about anything in my nineteen short years on this planet. I figured I could map out a very dramatic way of disappearing into the abyss before the ex caught up to me. How should I do it, I often wonder. Should I shave my head or dye my hair? Should I pretend I am a man instead of the female I have grown into? Should I get out of the country and how would I do that? Is that even possible? Surely he would know if I took a plane. Maybe I could get a fake identity, if only I knew how to go about doing that. The only thing I know for sure is this…. if I don’t leave now…. he’ll kill me.

image source:—short-story/


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