A Beautiful Caitiff.

The problem with me is I always go for the right guy. The guy you want to take home to introduce to your friends and watch them wince with envy. The guy who not only opens the door for you, but holds your hand around his friends and constantly brags about how lucky of a guy he is to have you on his arm. I always, always, always wind up with that guy… and then I dump him. Most of the time without reason and I move on to the next chivalrous sapling only to count the days until I break his heart as well. That’s me, the beautiful caitiff out to break the hearts of noble men. Since my college days, I have accumulated a sizeable amount of broken hearts and each opne has tried numerous times to win me back. I never give them a second go around because the way I see it, crushing them the first time was bad enough. I’m not sure they would recover a second time for I have yet to meet a man who has since recovered from the first. Each time they come crawling back on their hands and knees begging for the key to my black heart I pithily decline leaving them with a rictus which in turn breaks my heart, at least a little. Every break up leaves them unshaven for days, wondering what they did wrong, leaving them anorexic and hungry for more. They’ll sit in their truck for hours wondering if they should drive by my place and drop off some flowers or jewels, and for the most part they do. But I never change my mind. I am the beautiful caitiff, the breaker of hearts.  Never will I be broken again. 
image source: http://julii-go.deviantart.com/art/Go-G-Dragon-Heartbreaker-198196922



  1. You’ve certainly used the wordle very effectively but I feel for all those men with their broken hearts but doubly so as you say you’ll never be broken again, such a sense of sadness in all that….but well written…

  2. I love the perspective is yours often we write in from the angle of the broken hearted one not the angle of the heart-breaker though very likely everyone has broken a heart at some point in their lives. I love the title! Beautifully done

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