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Journal entry from a soldier

Write a fictional journal entry from a soldier during any war, it doesn’t have to be a real war, either. Maybe in 2025 aliens will land on Earth and one alien decided to document everything, or during World War II a Nazi and a US soldier had a full on battle with each other that lasted a week and the surviver documented it all. You can even write about the sitzkrieg! Be creative and have fun!

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March 12th. 0438. The Darkness.

It’s dark again, but it seems to always be dark. We’re covered under a constant storm of sand or smoke from our rifles that the sun has become a mere figment of our imaginations. And then there’s Delilah. Oh Delilah how much I miss being home with you. You are the place I return to when I need the sunshine brought back into my life. And yet that’s all you are, like the sunshine, a figment of my imagination. It’s been months since I’ve received a letter from you, though even if you have been writing me there is no way I would know. No. Not here. Not in the darkness. There ‘s no contact here and no hope for it. All there is is noise. Gunshots, yelling, yelling, more blasts from God only knows what kind of device. The rapes seem to have stopped, or maybe I’ve become immune to the sounds of women screaming. In the beginning it was endless until all their screams blended together into a violent song. And then all that’s left is the black of night and the black of day, all blended together. All in the darkness.

The darkness is in my soul now. I dream of doing things that I never would have imagined in my wildest imaginings. Being in a constant hole of darkness and screams will do that to a man. The blood is never dried from my hands… I don’t think I want it to. It’s been a whole day since my last kill and my finger is itching on the trigger to do more. My dick is hard with the thoughts of those screaming women. The darkness, it has taken over my mind. Delilah is lucky I’m here. In my dreams she’s the one screaming in the dark. And I like it. And I hate it. And I like that I hate it and hate that I like it. 

It’s daybreak and the only reason I know this is the darkness is a little lighter, a little grayer. But still, it’s dark.


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