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One Step at a Time. Mrs. Jada Smith could not have said it any better. You have to make you happy before you take care of anyone else because if you don't, you will look to those around you for that happiness you are searching for. It is so true for me personally that as a mother I feel… Continue reading One Step at a Time.


Free Dragons! 2 Days Only!

Who doesn’t love free books

Here there Be Dragons!

I’m doing a quick 2 day give away of Dragon on My Neck beginning tomorrow (Saturday July 11th) and ending Sunday(July 12th). What does this mean for you?

Well, it means that you can have your very own e-book copy of the novel that started it all! My baby, the first novel I finished edits on and chose to send out to the world, the book that started me out as an indie author AND as a YA series author. As if that wasn’t enough…I am offering a very special prize.

If you download my book and then POST A COMMENT on here stating that you did so, you will be placed in the running for a personalized autographed copy of one of my books (your choice!). If you already downloaded your copy in a previous give away or (gasp!) purchased it, please make that comment as well.

Here’s the…

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The “F It” Point

“Because that’s the thing with f it points. Once they’ve been reached there is no turning back”

Lessons From the End of a Marriage

I’m not sure the exact moment I reached the “F it” point with my car, but I can easily identify the factors that contributed to the mindset.

I think it started with the broken trunk that refused to open without a complicated and tedious routine that involved simultaneously twisting a key, wiggling a latch and saying a prayer. I would only engage in the routine on those rare occasions when I needed to carry some large object that couldn’t be fed through the doors (okay, or when I “needed” to carry an insanely large amount of plants). It simply became too difficult to open the trunk to clean out errant receipts and other detritus that seems to accumulate in a car.

And then the leather seats (that elicited a disappointed “Oh, Lisa” from my mother upon hearing about my new purchase) started to crack at the point where the seat…

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