Back to the World of Call Bells, RInging Phones, and Computers I go.

Breast is Best: A Mothers Love

I’m going back to work.

My son is now 6 months old. I guess it’s about time I went back. I don’t want to, I even tried to talk my husband into letting me dance again but he of course said absolutely not. I mean, I guess I get why he said that but then again what I make at the hospital IN 2 WEEKS is what I could make IN 1 NIGHT but I will respect his wishes and had back to my day job. Unfortunately or fortunately, I’m not sure anymore, they replaced me in my unit. The good thing about this I guess is that I get to move to a regular 9-5 shift. The bad thing, it’s a 9-5 shift and my whole day is gone. I hate being away from my kids. We need the money though, and if I ever want to fulfill my…

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