Sad and Happy; All At The Same Time

Breast is Best: A Mothers Love

I’m going to a school tomorrow to see if I qualify for financial aid. I’m so excited to finally be going back to school. And then I started thinking. Classes run from 9 am to 130 pm. So I would be missing at least one of my son’s feedings. (Insert sad face here)

I wanted to ebf my son as long as possible. He doesn’t take too well to a bottle anyway but just the same I wanted to only nurse him. If I do get to go back to school I’m missing out on a feeding. It makes me sad. I feel sad that he will be without me and me without him. This intense sadness just came over me while I was in the shower thinking about it.

I need to do this though. I feel so unaccomplished lately. I have so many regrets and I don’t want…

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