Being a SAHM is great… until you have to pay the rent… and the bills…. and buy groceries… and diapers…

And your husbands income just isn’t cutting it anymore. It’s 2014. I get it. Moms work. But not all moms are able to work. Who, for instance, is going to watch my babies while I work? The fees for daycare equal two weeks of my pay, definitely not worth it. Family? They have lives to. Find someone online? Yeah… I watch way too much SVU for that. The only other option is to work from home.
Now that sounds simple enough right? Make your own hours, work on your own time, don’t need to leave the house, don’t need a babysitter, take care of your kids, and still get paid? Yes. Awesome. Where do I sign up? No, seriously… Where do I sign up?

I’ve been perusing the internet and googling like a lunatic for work from home opportunities but how do you separate the scams from the real opportunities? How can you tell if you will actually make some type of income off of it? Try them out? Well that’s a bust because most of the ones I’ve found all require a start up fee!

Anyone with some insight on this please contact me!

thank you google.
thank you google.


  1. I’ve always viewed those places where you have to pay a fee as not being legitimate. Could be totally wrong, but that’s just always been my impression. I wish you the best of luck. I know how hard it can be in your circumstances. If I win the lottery, you’ll get a cut. OK, now I have to play the lottery.

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