They Grow Up Too Fast

Today was Ariana’s first day of preschool!!! I thought she would cry when I left but of course she only cried when we went to pick her up. She had a great time and shocked us all when the teacher told me she behaved! 

Arianas first day of PreK

My baby shower was yesterday. We got nothing that we needed lol but it was a good time. Mommy and I went shopping after and bought my entire registry. Now all he needs is clothes and DIAPERS!!!!!

Baby shower madness

I have a sono wednesday. I’ve been feeling alright for the most part. Just tired and slight pain when he leans against my belly. 

I’m hoping I can EBF him. I am still going to pump but I forget how long is breastmilk good for if you freeze it?


3 thoughts on “They Grow Up Too Fast

  1. Wish I could remember how long we kept breastmilk frozen. But that was sixteen years ago!!!!!

    Congrats to little Ariana!! Big step for her and for you.

    Good luck with those diapers … what a ridiculous expense those are.

    1. I forget too and it’s only been two years. I’m going to ask my doctor this week.

      Thank you. She had such a great time she didn’t want to leave!

      And just when I’m done with diapers for Ariana I’m starting all over haha

      1. That’s the beauty of the age difference. For us, our oldest started really talking, sleeping through the night, and got potty trained in the last few months before his brother was born. Made the transition much easier to not have to be dealing with all of those issues with both.

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