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Terrified of What is to Come…..

What in the blue hell was I thinking when I decided to have another child at this time? My daughter, who will be three in September, has been driving me out of my mind. I’m hoping it’s just normal terrible twos and praying that her behavior gets better by the time my son is born… but I just don’t know anymore. I feel like a horrible mother, like I can’t handle her anymore.

…Potty Training…

Potty Training woes

I really thought it would be much easier than this. She went on it no problem in the beginning and now if you ask her if she has to go pee pee she screams and cries and says no. She rarely will ask me to go and she rarely ever wants to sit on it anymore. 


Bedtime has always been a struggle ever since I went back to work. When I was working, my parents had her so her routine was non existent. Now that I am home, her routine is the same every night.. and it only works half of the time and thats if I’m lucky. For example, right now… she is running around her room naked. She took off her jammies and her pull up and decided she is going to take a bath and is now singing the soundtrack of Elmocize and running and hopping around her room. I’m thinking she caught her second wind. 


Where do I begin? Well lets just say that she is back to banging her head on the floor or the wall, hitting, and biting. I don’t even know what to do about it anymore. I tried praising her positive behavior more. I tried ignoring it. I tried scolding her. I tried time outs. All of these things just have not worked. Lollipops and unicorns? Yea right.

I am just so stressed out now that baby number two is coming. For instance, how am I supposed to put this child to bed in a reasonable fashion and reasonable amount of time? Especially when I am going to have the other baby around who is obviously going to need my attention as well? I don’t know how you parents have done it but pleaseeee advice is much appreciated.

On a positive note, she starts pre school in two weeks. =)


4 thoughts on “Terrified of What is to Come…..

  1. She will get there, but I understand. Totally understand. A few suggestions: potty training — just go cold turkey. When our oldest was a little more than 2 1/2, he was at a day care center whose rule was simple. When we were ready to potty train him just stop bringing diapers. Bring an extra pair or two of clothes, but no diapers. Worked like a charm. Do that with your little darling. 😉 Tell her that when the current pack of diapers runs out, there won’t be anymore and she’ll be wearing big girl underwear. No more diapers. Period. Let her wear pull-ups at night until she outgrows those.

    Regarding bed time — our oldest was like that also. We solved it by putting a pillow in the doorway of his bedroom and letting him fall asleep there. He simply didn’t want to be removed from what we were doing. But when we gave him a place where he could lay down and keep his eye on us I think it helped him feel like he was still a part of things and he would fall asleep there.

    But, ultimately, remember that she will get there. In the last couple of months before our second was born, our oldest got potty trained, finally started sleeping through the night, and started talking in complete sentences. It’s just a question of flipping the switch. All of a sudden, it will happen.

    1. I guess I just feel like I’m failing as a mom. She goes through phases of wanting to potty and not giving me trouble to go to bed and then all of a sudden she won’t go anymore. I’m ready to pull my hair out.

      1. You’re not failing, you are going through what a lot of parents go through. It took almost three years until my oldest consistently slept through the night. Every night was an adventure and a huge question mark. Would he sleep through the night or wouldn’t he. Plus, he was (and still is at the age of 19) a kid who just refused to go to bed at bed time. It was a constantly changing process. What worked for a week would suddenly stop working and we had to constantly adjust our approach. So, that’s what you need to do … try to find something that works and ride it as long as it does and when it stops find the next approach that will work. I really, really encourage you to try the cold turkey approach to diapers. With our younger son, he wasn’t in day care because my wife had quit her job to stay home with them. So, we had a week long vacation planned in a cabin in the mountains. We did it while we were there … didn’t take any diapers. He didn’t have a choice.
        The bed time is much trickier, but just keep trying different things. The key is to be firm with certain basic rules and expectations. It’s really hard and draining, but you need to do it, not just for you, but for her as well.

      2. Potty training is harder for me than bedtime. She sleeps through the night. Just gives me such a problem sometimes to go to bed. I put her in her big girl underwear. Doesn’t seem to bother her when she wets them :/. But I may try again

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