“One of my main regrets in life is giving considerable thought to inconsiderate people.” -Jarod Kintz

I’m about seven months pregnant now and unfortunately things haven’t been going as well as I would have hoped. I stayed a night in the hospital this week and though they don’t really understand what is wrong with me they sent me home with instructions like no stress, heavy lifting, take it easy, etc.

That was 3 days ago. Yesterday I saw my doctor and she advised me of the same thing. Now don’t worry. The baby is ok. I’m not. As long as he is fine I can deal with this. I have extremely heavy abdominal pain more towards my right side. I’m having contractions but luckily I am not in active labor.
They put me on a monitor. Baby is fine. Thank god.

Well if stress was easy to keep at bay the world would be a much happier place. My darling husband can be very selfish. Today it is 90 degrees and all he cared about was coming to the beach with his friend. Well let’s just say that we are at the beach, I’m holding in tears, and he’s off galavanting. I hope he’s having a wonderful time because I certainly am not.

Ok. Rant over. How’s everyone’s summer going?



  1. Glad to hear the baby is healthy. Sorry to hear you’re not. But you are close to the end. How’s your daughter doing? is she ready for a little brother?

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