He’s Not Your Typical Sex Offender?????



A texas judge sentenced a man (Sir Young, 20 years old) to a short sentence of 45 days and probabtion AT A RAPE CRISIS CENTER! because even though the rape occured, the Judge declared that he was not the typical sex offender and the victim had a child already and had three previous sexual partners. I have never been so shocked. It doesn’t matter if you have had 20 sexual partners. It doesn’t matter if you have four children, one child, or no children at all.


and should be punished accordingly. For this judge to say that he is not your “typical” sex offender is ludacris. Who is our typical sex offender? I was under the impression that they are all different. Is your typical sex offender the man who rapes little boys and girls pretending to be someone he isn’t just to earn their trust? Is it the sixteen year old boy who rapes women three times his age? Is it the man behind bars who rapes new inmates? Who is our typical sex offender?


and as soon as NO is uttered all sexual activity should be stopped. This Texas Judge should lose her job and all of her privelages. I can not believe this. How are women, men, and children who are raped supposed to feel safe about coming forward when this is what happens. I can’t imagine the victims anguish, fear, and heart ache. Her rapist is a free man free to rape and rape and rape. Then, Miss Judge, if he happens to rape again (which they usually do) would that make him your typical sex offender? A rapist is a rapist…. POINT. BLANK. PERIOD!
On top of that, Young’s imbisile defense lawyer felt the sentence was fair and added….

“What we have here is an 18-year-old high school student who was very talented, very gifted,” Allen said, adding that Young had scholarship offers from a “couple of universities.”

Are you kidding me? No one cares how talented and gifted Young WAS nor do they care about how many universities he was accepted into. He knowingly raped a woman and is getting away with it.



(I would also like to point out that the victim was only fourteen at the time of the rape and in texas the age of consent is seventeen!!!)



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