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A New Hobby

There’s this piano in the hospital that rarely gets played. It sits there all day and gets no attention. I don’t play but I always wished I did. And on top of that it’s calling to me. I mean come on… Look at the sign…


See? It wants me to play. The only problem is.. I don’t know how. I wonder really how hard is it to learn to play the piano and is it possible to teach myself? Have any of you taught yourself to play anything?

My sister taught herself to play the ukelele. I’m sure I can figure some type of instrument out. 🙂


6 thoughts on “A New Hobby

  1. I taught myself to play the piano. I had lessons on 3 other instruments and could read music as easily as English. Later I had a year of piano lessons to try to un-teach myself all of those bad habits. If you can take lessons it will be worth your while.

  2. I tried to teach myself classical guitar. The problem is that I taught myself some bad habits that prevented me from getting to difficult chords. As a result of that I eventually gave it up. I think, if somebody teaches you how to read music for the piano, there is a lot of it that you then learn on your own, but the lesson I learned is to take lessons the next time I want to learn an instrument.

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