What I remember


It’s difficult to narrow down lifes most memorable moments to just three but for the sake of the prompt I will try.

1. The day my daughter was born.
After being cooped up in the hospital for almost four full days, desperately hoping to have a natural birth experience only to be told that I needed to have an emergency c-section, I was terrified. I had never undergone surgery before. The adrenaline rushing through my body gave me a permanent case of the shakes that lasted until they took her out. When she didn’t cry right away panic started to embrace me. I remember yelling to whoever was in the room “Why isn’t she crying?” When I didn’t get a response the shakes took over me again. Then I heard her. A beautiful wail of a cry. When my husband brought her over to me I was in shock. She was so tiny and so beautiful.

2. The day my husband asked me to marry him.
We were young. It was the week before my birthday and it was cold and slightly windy.  The beach was beautiful,  bathed in soft moonlight. I could see and smell the ocean.  It is, by the way, my favorite place to be. I honestly don’t remember what he said but I remember how happy I felt and how nervous and excited he looked.

3. The day I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes.
I was seven and though this isn’t a happy memory it has always stuck with me. I remember the car ride the most. It was blue skies and sporadic clouds passing by my window. I don’t think I was scared, then again I am not so sure I knew what was going to happen. That day changed my life forever.

Of course there are plenty of other memorable moments in my life but these I feel hold a pretty significant value. They all shaped my present and continue to do the same with my future.



  1. Sounds like your first pregnancy ended much the way my wife’s did. She was in labor for almost a week. Couldn’t dilate past 4 cm. they finally went the c-section route. She’d never been in surgery before. Adrenaline rush. The shakes. Amazing the similarities.

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