Pink or Blue? Either will do!

So tomorrow is the day. I find out if I am having a boy or a girl, though I could have easily found out two days ago. I had the Materni-T21 test which is a DNA test that checks to make sure the baby has no abnormalties, can tell you who the babys father is, and can apparently tell you the gender. This of course I had no idea of and when the nurse called me and asked me if I wanted to know what I am having I had a small stuttering session between YES! WAIT NO! WAIT WHAT? YOU KNOW ALREADY?! DON’T TELL ME! The reason why? I want to have a small gender reveal party at my apartment… which is now scheduled for tomorrow at 11am. Brunch and gender prediction. What fun.

In the beginning I was planning on taking the envelope containing my babys gender to the bakery and having them whip up a cake

such as maybe this


Or this…


but considering a cake costs a boat load of money and there will be less then 15 people included in this gathering I decided to scrap the cake idea (who really wants cake that early anyway) and go for a box filled with either pink or blue ballooons. I figure we can play a game like guess the gender and see what everyone says! Will post pics tomorrow.

I am surprised I haven’t opened the envelope yet.




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