Trouble Ahead

So this pregnancy is proving to be much more difficult than my last. The nauseous rarely dissipates and leaves me not wanting to eat. I feel like I am always forcing myself to consume any type of food. My prenatal vitamins seem huge and make me sick to swallow. What’s concerning me the most however is my emotions. I find myself breaking out in tears or becoming so completely overwhelmed over the littlest things. It’s beginning to frighten me. Maybe there’s something I could do? Something that could help center me? I feel so off and not myself. =(


Good news though. I told my parents and they seemed pretty happy for me.

Thank you to pinterest for the idea =)




  1. Oh, poor you; I DO sympathise. That’s exactly how I felt for the first three months of my pregnancy: I cried at sad adverts on the television; I sobbed when the cat sat on my lap; I was awash all day long! Have you tried meditation? I found that very helpful. Hugs. xxx

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