Mirror Mirror: Who are you?

photo credit: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1379688



Mirror, Mirror Who are you?

I see you there, I wish I knew

I see a girl with auburn hair

a fire in her eyes, I can’t help but stare.


She looks so confident and strong

I’m sure I haven’t known her long.

A beauty without her beast, you see

Wait just a minute! I think she is me!


How can that be, this girl I see?

Could this gorgeous girl be me?

This can’t be so!

For sure I’d Know!


Mirror, mirror, do you deceive

A girl like this, I can’t conceive

She’s too royal to be me

this pretty girl that you show me.


Maybe it can be true

but Mirror how can I show you?

This girl is grand and quite pretty

if I become her, won’t you miss me?


Or maybe I’ve been her all along

here we sit, singing the same song.

Inside of me a war grows and grows

yet on the outside it rarely shows.


Laugh with me mirror, lets show off our glee

I can’t believe this girl is me!

Lets stay a while, stop and stare

at the girl you show me, who sits right there.

© Christina Laureano 1/2014






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