Day 21: Three words



The garden was void of life except for one small rose. It sprout next to the cracked stone bench in the middle of the field, white with red tints and utterly alone. Jolie was here to meet with someone. She didn’t know his name or what he wanted from her but surprisingly she wasn’t afraid. The intimacy hidden in his note was enough to bring her to this desolate place. Slowly she walked to the grey cracked bench and sat. The garden, devoid of life everywhere around her, frightened her slightly. She glanced down at the random burst of life. The small rose petals were wilting. She wished she had a water bottle to quench the thirst of the rose, but she had brought nothing. He told her to come empty handed with an open mind.

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In the distance she saw a shadow of a man forming, broad shouldered with long flowing hair. Her dark knight. Time seemed to stop as the stranger slowly approached her. Autumnal leaves surrounded them in a nonexistent breeze. At his approach, he stooped down and grabbed the one source of life in the garden. The rose seemed to come to life at his touch, blossoming into a beautiful flower, it’s red color returning to its petals. She knew this was the moment the villagers whispered about. She knew it was time to make her decision. Taking her hand in his, she brushed her soft lips against his. A thorn sprouted from the lone rose. It pricked the stranger in the hand. She knew what she had to do. Taking his hand to her mouth, she bathed the pinprick with her tongue, carefully closing the open wound. He then pricked her with the same thorn and proceeded to bathe her wound with his tongue. Now they were one.

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As they made way to leave the garden, life sprouted everywhere they turned. Once gone, the once empty garden was filled with life. Blossoms and trees sprouted in every direction. Flowers of every color sprang up from the ground. A rainbow shimmered in the distance and all the village knew that true love had finally been found.


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