Blogging When It Hits Me



A few months ago I was smartphone-less. Yes. I said it. I had sold my iPhone 5s for some quick cash. I went a few weeks with a plain phone that was unable to connect to wifi, had no internet access, and no access to my email. The worst part was that I couldn’t download my wordpress app. How silly a thing, I know. It’s true though, that you never really know what you have until it’s gone.

I am a sporadic writer. Some days I can write write write until my fingers fall off and other days I’ll just make one or two postings. The urge to write hits me like a nuclear weapon. When I need to write… I NEED TO WRITE! It’s such a powerful feeling that if I am unable to write it brings my entire mood down. I’m left feeling unaccomplished and slightly empty.

So, as you can imagine, without my wordpress app I… Was… A… Mess! Yes I am completely aware that I can tug around a tiny notebook and write in that whenever it so pleases me. The only problem with that is I enjoy having all my writings here on my wordpress. So if I were to write in a pad I would then have to type it up later anyway. And on top of that, who really wants to carry around a notebook when my iPhone is so much easier to tug along? On top of lugging around my two year old, the baby bag, my purse, a juice box which I’m probably holding and whatever else happens to be on my person, a notebook added to the mess doesn’t sound that appealing to me.

I survived (barely) my weeks of no wordpress app but I don’t plan on EVER having to suffer like that again. I mean, when I need to write…. I need to write.



Photo courtesy of: http://anime.wuxiaedge.com/anime-blogging-help-i-cant-decide-draft-post/


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