Fuck this.

I need to get help… desperately. I’m walking around with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes. I can’t stop. Its humiliating and heartbreaking and I’m tired of feeling so hopeless and unloved.


I just want to wake up from this nightmare.

But it’s my life. And I’m living it. And it’s slowly making me fall apart.


How do you stop an avalanche from crushing you?


12 thoughts on “Fuck this.

  1. Call a friend, text a friend, email, chat, get out for a minute, call my employee assistance program, call my doctor’s emergency line

    Do you have an EAP through work? Can you call them now? They are open 24 hours a day if you do have one.

    1. I have one. I’m working so I can’t really call right now. I need to get away from my husband, is what I think but that isn’t an easy possibility. I think I will give them a call when I leave tonight. I’m so tired of feeling like the world is crushing me.
      I wish I could just go out for a minute. I can I guess but I don’t even know where to go anymore.
      I’ve only mentioned my recent struggle to one friend who semi understands my situation. I hate to bother her every two seconds though.

      1. I am sure she doesn’t mind. Most EAPs can help with other things too, like referrals on places to go if you need that.

        ((hugs)) sending you peace and strength. Reach out if you need to talk, OK?

  2. Please do listen to NAPR when you get out of work, call EAP and talk to somebody who’s specialty is helping people who feel exactly like you do. I reached out during a very dark time for me, and an early glimmer of light was the discovery that there were other people who had gone through exactly what I was. You don’t have to feel alone.

      1. You’re welcome. The unknown can be scary. Think of how much better it’ll be when you take action and it’s not the unknown any more. Type if you need me for anything.

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