Who are you.

The first person I encountered this morning was my husband when I quietly tried to tell him I was leaving for work. It was about 6:20am and I’m not sure he heard me. He grunted a little and then just rolled over, transferring his drool to the other side of the pillow. Ew.


I blew my daughter a kiss, as I didn’t want to disturb her from wherever she might be in dream land.

Not sure if either of those count as an encounter. =/

After that as I got my coffee I said Good Morning to the check out girl, who ignored me because she was too busy talking to a coworker and didn’t even actually glance at me when she asked me for my dollar twenty for my coffee. That’s New York for you I guess.

Oh well.

Now I’m at my desk and I’ve encountered a bunch of nurses and other hospital staff and I’ve only been here for about an hour and a half. What a day.




  1. We all have days when we almost seem invisible. However, we never know when God will have a divine appointment for us and use us to bless someone else. Spreading kind words and compassion is a beautiful way to spend the day, even if it doesn’t seem to be recognized or appreciated by others – God sees and He appreciates it. Blessings!

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