“Someday” might be too late

Although this post made me cry uncontrollably for a good ten minutes it opened my eyes. I am NOT a doer. I am a dreamer. Every day of my life I want and wish to do things… and in the end they never get done. I say I am going to get my degree, I say I am going to find help for my home issues, I say I want to travel the world, I say I am going to better myself…. all I am doing is dreaming. I am not doing. AND THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE. I need to do. I can achieve so much more than I allow myself. I can be someone. I can make a difference. I can change. I’m tired of dreaming. I think it is time for me to start doing.

turn your dreams into action

Many of us have dreams we want to pursue, goals we want to accomplish, achievements we want to attain.

But the problem with our dreams and our goals is that they are just like the New Year’s Resolutions that we make every year.

They never move from our mind and the piece of paper we wrote them on and become reality in our life.

See, you can lie in bed and think all night about what you will accomplish with your life.

About the changes you’re going to make and the steps you’re going to take to make your tomorrow better than your yesterday.

You can dream all you want about the difference you will make in the world.

But if you wake up the next morning and do nothing about that dream of yours, then that’s all it will ever be: a dream in your head.

Sometimes I like…

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