You are NOT the father.

So for this weeks Inspirational Challenge I picked Seventh Sanctum and got ….

The story must have a goat in it. A character gives birth, and they aren’t happy with it.

How do you even write about that? I don’t even know but here I go…..


“PUSH!!!” The Vet yelled at Billaye, the white and brown goat from farmer Henry Johnson’s farm.

“Um, Doctor. I don’t think young Billaye knows what push means,” stated Gregory, farmer Johnson’s eldest son. Billaye was moaning in pain and slightly convulsing on the ground of the barn.

“She knows what I’m talking about! Push Billaye. Lets get this cabrito out of you! Push girl! Push!”

“Now she thinks the goat speaks spanish,” mumbled Gregory.

“Shh son,” whispered farmer Johnson. “This doc here performs miracles. If she says Billaye know’s what she’s talking about then you bet your damn tail feathers she knows.”

In between moans Billaye kept glancing towards the barn door where her mate Hummus, the whitest goat of the country stood alongside Midnight, the darkest goat this side of the mid west. Insperable as they were, the two male goats kept pacing outside the door, obviously anxious for the impending birth.

“It’s coming! Give me some towels,” yelled the doctor. Gregory placed the towels at the doctors hands. With one final moan out popped the baby goat. Blood covered the young kid in clumps and a cry rang in the air.

“Lets get you clean boy,” whispered the doctor. As she cleaned up the baby goat, farmer Johnson stepped outside to sooth Hummus and Midnight.

“Don’t worry lads. She’s fine. And look at you Hummus. You’re a pa now!”

“Um, farmer Johnson,” murmured the doc. “I don’t think Hummus is a pa.”

“What do you mean? The kids healthy, he’s already drinking from his mama. Good job Billaye,” he said, rubbing Billaye on the head.

“Um pa. The kids black as night,” said Gregory.

“WHAT!!!!” yelled Hummus running headfirst into Midnight. The two goats began furiously butting heads.

Farmer Johnson and Gregory stared wide eyed at the sudden exclamation from the goat.

“Told you they understand,” said the doc, shaking her head. “Welcome to fatherhood Midnight.”


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