Life keeps throwing me low blows

I haven’t been writing and reading and I hate it. I’ve been feeling so low since the other night. I can’t seem to get out of this funk. I’m tired all the time, I can’t sleep, I have very little appetite, and smiling just hurts. I want more than he can give me. He can’t see how wrong what he did was it seems. I’m tired of waiting for change. I’ve come to realize that it’s time for me to make the change. I have to go. I can’t go drastically. I need to think this through and find out more information on seperation or divorce or custody or whatever else I need to know. I need to do it soon.

I’ve been so preoccupied with my thoughts and my best friend being in the hospital that I can’t seem to pay attention to whats right on my screen. So here is my apology to you for not writing or reading. I hope I’ll be back to myself soon.
I miss me.



  1. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling yourself. I have been in your shoes and it is no fun at all. I know you have a lot on your mind but you should take some time for yourself. Go for a walk, treat yourself to a cup of coffee and dessert or take a nice long bath with candles and a glass of wine. It might help you think through your issues. You will find a way to make it work out for you. Take care, it will get better.

  2. So sorry to hear this; I can identify with much of what you are saying – and there is no easy answer, is there? Hugs, Alienora

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