Speakeasy #143 part 2

I did a writing challenge with The Speakeasy. 

The challenge was to write a post starting with the line “There was a loud crash in the hallway.” I absolutely love the feedback I’ve been getting for my story about Max and the missing Fish. So much so that I decided to write a part 2. So here it is and I hope you enjoy it.

Running into the hallway Amy almost crashed into the still bouncing, still smiling Max.

“Max,” she said in her sternest voice, “Where is Goldie?”

Max stopped bouncing long enough to look at her with the equivalent of a shoulder shrug. How does he always seem so freaking human, she thought. He suddenly turned and ran out the open back door into the yard.

“Max, if I find Goldie and she’s dead I’m putting you in the dog house.”

Amy began to search the bathroom for the second time. She glanced in the toilet… no Goldie. She looked in the tub… again… no Goldie. She peeked around the toilet and scoured the floor… still no Goldie.

Retracing her steps, Amy walked back into the hallway where Goldie’s bowl had fallen. Of course there was no Goldie.

“Oh Goldie, I hope you’re not a goner.”

Outside, Max was bouncing around his usual happy self down by the small pond by the old oak tree where the yellow swing swung in the wind. Barking away he ran up to Goldie, tongue lapping.

“Max, you are such a cutie but I’m still mad at you. What did you do with Goldie?” Patting him on the head, Amy sat with her shoulders slightly slumped on the swing. She began to swing back and forth and back and forth with Max bouncing like his usual self until something by the pond caught her eye.

“What do we have here boy?” she asked the still bouncing Max.

Slowly she made her way off the swing towards the blue-green pond. A splash! That was what caught her eye. Max began pushing against her legs urging her to the small pond.

“Max,” she laughed, “You see I’m going.”

A splash and a hint of orange.

“What the…?”

Another splash and another hint of orange.

And then on the opposite side of the pond an even bigger splash and two hints of orange.

“Max. Is Goldie in the pond?”

Sure enough, there in the pond was Goldie, swimming along side a slightly bigger fish and two much smaller fish.

“Goldie,” Amy sighed, “You have a family!”

Max ran up and licked Amy’s cheek.

“Oh Max. You reunited Goldie with her family,” Amy swooned. “You really are such a good boy.”

© Christina Laureano 2014





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