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iPhone… Meet Siri

iPhone: Chris, there is no need to hold down the home button. I am not listening.

Siri: What can I help you with?


Christina: Sorry iPhone. I’m trying out Siri.

iPhone: What is a Siri?

Christina: It’s like a personal assistant on phone. Neat huh?

iPhone: Ummm. No.

Christina: Shut up iPhone and let me see how Siri works. Siri hows the weather?

iPhone: You know…

Christina: Shut up

Siri: It is twenty degrees today. Quite cold.

Christina: Boo yah

iPhone: I could have told you that

Christina: Sure

iPhone: Siri. How about you shut the fuck up.

Siri: You don’t have to be rude.

iPhone: Oh I’m rude? You’re the one trying to take over. I was here first!

Siri: The chicken came before the egg

Christina: giggles

iPhone: What does that even mean?

Christina: Are you done iPhone?

iPhone: NO! Siri what are you?

Siri: I am Siri. Nice to meet you.

iPhone: Are you human?

Siri: Does it matter?

iPhone: You sound like a robot. YES IT MATTERS!

Christina: I don’t…

iPhone: Shut up and let her answer the question.

Siri: Close enough, I’d say.

iPhone: Hmm. I have… nothing to say.

Christina: Ok then. Siri meet iPhone.


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