What’s my style?



I like to make an impression. I like to stand out. Whether decorating my home or my self you can be sure to see a bunch of colors everywhere, bright and happy and yearning for your eyes, as opposed to my mother who prefers the browns and natural colors. Sure it looks nice but BORING! 

Lets take a look at my house. Yes… I have brown couches HOWEVER there is a splash of red here and bright green here. In my kitchen my table is just wood BUT my placemats are red orange and yellow swirls and my candle is bright and red and smells like apples. My centerpiece screams autumn. TO THE BATHROOM! I’ve got brown and blue and yellow and green. THE OTHER BATHROOM! Red and white and black, very japanese style. MY BEDROOM! I actually hate my bed set but it is palm tress and I still hate it. My daughters room… white! and purple! and blue! and yellow! and PINK (lots of pink).


Lets check out my closet…

Red, black, white, green, neon colors, pink, more pink, some more red, a purple dress… etc. 
I like color!


My tattoos… of course are colored.

My glasses are pink.
I’m pretty uninhibited.


My personality is the same. I’m outgoing, I laugh loud, and I try to do it often. I have a very small filter that usually doesn’t work. I speak my mind. I stand up for those around me and myself. I work hard. I smile a lot though I want to smile more. When I’m in the mood for make up of course its colorful.



Good morning from me and Ariana ❤

I’m just a world of colors. Enjoy what you see ❤


12 thoughts on “What’s my style?

  1. Hello Gorgeous and Cutie!

    I have dark brown couches, because they hide dirt and I can use bright pillows to liven things up. They are neutral so I can change things around accessory-wise and not have to invest in new furniture each time.

  2. What a cutie, I love her jammies!
    My brain and art are filled with colors of all sorts but my closet is only hues. A gradation from white to black. It is a rare to see me wearing colors unless it is a vintage one of a kind piece that isn’t offered in black. Don’t get me wrong, I do have clothes that have color but most of the time I am wearing all black from head to toe.
    I hope to one day have a home with some color on the walls and a yard filled with colorful plants.
    How is this weather treating you by the way? I’m in Queens and woke up to 9 degree weather, I rolled over and went back to bed.

    1. Ugh I’m not that far from you so I’m frozen too. I hate this weather and would love to move down south somewhere warmer. For now I freeze!

      I’ll be in queens and brooklyn this weekend so I’m hoping that the news wasn’t lying about the 50 degree weather!

      I need new vintage EVERYTHING! I can’t find anything good on the island but of course thats expected.

      1. Since the hipsters took over Brooklyn vintage prices have gone up 😦 I had secret vintage spots for years and now they are gone.

        I am looking forward to the 50 degree weather. My family in Argentina is complaining because it is 91 degrees there, I’m jealous and wishing I were there.

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