A not so Nice conversation with my iPhone

Typing in passcode

“Bitch! Do you really have to push my buttons so damn hard? I mean jeez.”

“OOps. Sorry. But let me just point out that you’re touchscreen and technically don’t have buttons.”

“Shut up Christina. Who asked you anyway?”

“…. whatever.” Checking facebook.


“What now iPhone?”

“Well don’t you think if you had a notification from Facebook I would have told you already? Like isn’t that my job?”

“I wasn’t checking it for any notifications. I was just browsing.”

“For… what?”

“What do you mean for what?”
“Um. Because in case you haven’t noticed your friends are all lame and have to post their daily escapades and doings as their status. Do they not realize that NO ONE GIVES A FLYING RATS ASS WHAT THEY ARE DOING ALL DAMN DAY?!”

“I guess you have a point.”

“I do don’t I?”

“Yeah. I hate to admit it but you do.”

“I’m a genius. Siri ain’t got shit on me! High five!”

…… raises eyebrows.

“Fuck you Christina.”




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