Toddler Directs Nanny in a Photo Shoot for the Ages

Cutest thing I have seen all day (besides the pictures of my daughter my mom keeps sending me while I sit and stare at my computer at work)
Definitely a model or photographer in the making 😉



It all began when two-year-old Henry asked his nanny to take his photo. She obliged and Henry struck one of his many interesting poses. It didn’t end there though. Henry then asked if he could take a photo of her mimicking the exact same pose and #henrysconcepts was born.

Luckily for us, Henry’s nanny, Alex Neary, is also a portrait and wedding photographer (Wild Eyed Photography). Neary recognized the potential for a photo series and there are now 30+ portraits which you can find on her blog.

As Alex explains:

“Each of these photos is strictly Henry’s idea. He chooses the location and the pose. I take the photo of him and then he takes the photo of me. These are all taken with an iPhone.”


To see more photography from Alex be sure to check out her work at the online profiles below.

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