Cliffhanger challenge


My first time in Hollywood left me speechless, breathless, and hymen-less. Yes. I, Brie Scheller lost my virginity at the ripe age of twenty- four, in Hollywood no doubt. Quite a dream huh? Yeah. Definitely the best moment of my life and definitely worth the wait. Of course I struggle every minute with the choice of telling my best friend or keeping it to myself. She probably wouldn’t believe me anyway….

I was attempting to bring out my inner photographer. Walking down the beach, the waves slowly reaching my feet, I caught sight of what I thought was a God of some sort. Turns out, it was Sylvester Stallone filming some movie in which he was shirtless, sweaty, and his pecs were sticking out in tremendous proportions. Yes. I was drooling. Wondering if I could be arrested for filming the heart stopping sight I walked closer… and closer.

They must have been taking a break from filming. The camera crew were gathered around a white buffet table under a huge white tent towards the upper part of the beach. Mr. Stallone however was knee deep in the water.


“You a photographer?” He looked at me and asked.

“Not yet,” I whispered. Could he really be talking to me?

“I could give you a few pointers if you want.”

“Um. Sure. Ok. Yeah. That would be so great,” I said, stumbling along towards him.

He pointed to a tent closer to the surf and completely out of the way of the crew and any other onlookers. “You see that tent? Take a walk with me. No one will bother us.”

He guided me to the tent. It was white, like the others but cooler than the ninety degree weather outside. Inside was a couch, a cot, a vanity and a mini cooler.

“Well young lady. Have a seat.”

To be continued….


(photo courtesy of daily post 😉 )



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