Roughened fingertips

tracing swirls upon my thigh.


always leading

to my core.

A fire starts,

a scorching heat

racing through my veins.

This is what you do,

to me,

this is what you do.

Twisting and turning,

I’m burning,

Don’t move!

I can’t stop,

I can’t still.

I listen.

You whisper words,

deep dark promises

of night.

Your breath is soft

it’s scent is just right.

I’m burning.

Flames upon my skin,

I’m burning.

Soft lips,

upon my lips

drenching your tongue.

Taste me,

taste me.

Here I come.


(Photo courtesy of http://s319.photobucket.com/user/VampireBloodrace1441/media/Anime%20Couples/Burning.jpg.html)




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