Honesty is the best policy…. right?

The truth of the matter is I see myself as being overly honest. I have no filter and if I’m thinking it you can bet it’s coming out of my mouth. I know I know. Think before you speak and all that bologna. Well sorry, I’m not sorry. Why in all that’s holy (and demon-ish of course) would you hide your feeling from those you care about? You are not protecting them from anything but you.

To the mother who lies to her child about who his father is.

Guess what Momma I Can’t Keep My Legs Closed… your son or daughter will eventually figure it out. And if not your husband, or boyfriend will figure it out. And if you’re one of the rare lucky (is it really luck) ones who goes through life with no one finding out then you have bigger problems then we thought honey because not only are you lying to the world you’re lying to yourself.

To the husband who stays in his marriage even though he’s miserable.

Who in the fuck are you helping if you continue to live your life married to a woman who doesn’t do anything for you but give you headaches. Your not having sex. You don’t have conversations. You stay together for reasons such as money and the kids. Well honey guess what. Those kids you are trying to protect: see right through you. That money your so worried about: you’re the one making it. Problem solved. But please continue to lie to your wife and fake your happiness. I’m sure she’ll catch on eventually unless she already has. (Watch out for the pool boy)

To the kid who brags about how many friends he has at school to his parents, when they’ve never met one.

It’s ok to be a loner. It’s even ok to want to not be a loner. It is not ok to be bullied. It’s not ok to let other kids dictate to you who you are. Tell someone. Tell your mom, dad, brother, sister, distant cousin, aunt, gym teacher. Just tell someone. You will feel so much better.



Whatever your situation may be I firmly believe honesty is the best policy. Please feel free to show me a situation where I am wrong =)






  1. I didn’t respond to the post today because of the post I made last night about wanting to believe, etc. but honesty would have saved that situation with a now former friend. I would have been a little hurt, but not as much as I was ultimately.

    Yeah, that’s clear as mud, right? Point is, being honest is always right…just don’t be intentionally hurtful when delivering the news.

    • Exactly. Don’t seek out to intentionally hurt someone but don’t not be truthful because in the end you will usually wind up hurting them more.
      At least if your friend was honest etc. you could have gotten over the hurt. Otherwise you are left feeling betrayed… who wants to feel like that?

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  3. Maybe what we are really thinking is that giving our honest opinion is always right, but what if your opinion is formed with false information? In this case your honest opinion is not truthful. Hence: Honesty is not synonymous with truth so not necessarily best? Clear as mud again right? Honestly…

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