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He can’t keep up.

We are all sexual beings. Some of us more than others. Personally, I find I’m horny a lot of the time and pleasured some of the time. What frustrates me is that sometimes I just simply want to fuck. I just want to wrap my lips (either or) around his dick and go for the ride of my life. Sex has been great even if the rest of this marriage is falling apart, but still I don’t get it enough. I have sex, he comes, and I’m ready for round two while he’s ready for bed. Ladies, I can NOT (at least I hope not) be the only one with this problem.
There has to be something natural to make him able to keep up with me right? An exercise? A fruit? Something made in china perhaps? I don’t know and I don’t care all I know is that I need it and I need it badly. 


Like tonight. I walked over to him as he sat on the couch and I stripped down to my thong. My breasts were full and heavy and my nipples seemed to be reaching for his touch. I got on my knees and lo and behold he’s already hard. You should be able to imagine what happens next. 
So one thing leads to another and we’re watching porn. I honestly wasn’t in the porn mood but after browsing through a few I couldn’t keep his dick out of me any longer. We have amazing sex for about an hour (with about thirty minutes of porn watching/foreplay). He comes and I’m like Holy Moly
i want more.

So I proceed to ride him. He’s softening up a little (barely) and I cum again. 

Ok. It’s shower time. We shower together. And lo and behold… I still want more. So while he’s in the bathroom I walk up to said bathroom topless with only my panties on and begin to tell him that maybe we can try going again. Granted it is about 4am and he’s tired. So while in bed I ask him if I can give him a bj. He says yes and this bastard gets hard (which in turn gets me wet and ready to ride again) and he falls…. the fuck…. to sleep.

Please someone out there has to know of a way to get this mans sex drive to match my own. He’s only 24. We used to have crazy good sex multiple times throughout the night. I miss those days.



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