Wanting what I have vs. Wanting what I deserve

It’s always easier to pretend that I’m satisfied with what I have then to push the boundaries and strive for more. It’s always easier to just sit and settle then to get up and make a change. What kind of life is worth living without some spice?

I wrote this poem today after reading a post here … http://dadicusgrinch.wordpress.com/2014/01/01/the-best-thing-i-learned-in-2013/
and I couldn’t help but wonder about my life. I love the things I have. I have a roof over my head, food in my tummy, a job that pays well, and I have the most amazing child. My only downfall seems to be my marriage. The posting suggests that to be happy you must learn to want the things you already have. It seems to me that I’ve been trying to want what I already have (my marriage) for far too long. Much longer than I will ever admit. It’s way overdue for me to move on.

  • Please note, I understand this really means you should just
    be grateful for what you have and I am immensely grateful
    for all that God has blessed me with.

So out of nowhere while pondering these thoughts words spilled out of my mouth.. and here they are for your viewing pleasure.


To want the love I’ve forever known
although it makes me sad.
To want to stay with the one who pains
because it’s easy
 though its mad.
To aspire for more
or hope to achieve
a simple thought
a lovely dream.
To only want
what I already own
how will one prosper,
how will I grow?
My heart I give and give and give
and little do I take away
for the one who has me here to stay
is the one who takes my happiness away.
So here I stand,
To stay no more.
To close the shade,
To shut the door.

To want the love I’ve always known,

or to want the love I should be shown.





  1. This is so powerful and honest. The last two lines blew me away. These words that spilled forth have been waiting to be heard.

    I hope you find peace and love in 2014. Take good care.

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