I Love You So… I Love You Still… I Miss You So… I Miss You Still

I’ve been thinking about my dog a lot today… and still wonder why I find his hair everywhere even though I am in a brand new apartment and he’s been gone for two years now =(

love my pup

Passionately Me

A year has past since you’ve been gone
But truly you’re so near
Cause in my heart is where you’ll stay
Tyson, Never fear.
I still hear your footsteps in the hall
and sometimes late at night
I feel you near me like a call
A call into my heart.
I love you so
I love you still
I miss you so
I miss you still.
Never will I ever forget your scent, your feel, or even your bark. Tyson… my puppy… my love… my best friend. 

Rest in peace my dearest friend. ♥

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