A Collection of My Old Poetry

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I want to see my life over the next year or month or ten years. I’ve decided to take a bite out of Eve’s apple and just get back to being me…. a writer. ❤ Here is some of my poetry from years and years ago. Enjoy and please share your thoughts. Mind you…. most of these were written when I was between 13- 16 years old.


No One Understands


By Christina V Laureano



If I could be anywhere but here,
I’d be there.
They don’t know it,
I don’t show it.
I hate it here.
No One Understands…
They laugh, like it’s a joke,
Inside, I’m screaming.
If I could be anywhere but here,
I’d be there.
No one understands,
And no one but me knows where.




By Christina V Laureano



Butterflies fly through my stomach
…whenever I think of you
I get chills down my spine
…whenever I touch you
My heart races
…when I think of what I’ll do to you
My face lights up
…whenever I see you
You make me laugh
…everytime that I’m with you
My smile grows
…everytime I’m near you
I’m truly happy
…now that I’m Yours
I’m truly happy
…and I am Yours.


Heartbroken and Helpless


By Christina V Laureano



You left me
Heartbroken and helpless
And never gave me a reason why.
We were doing fine
Or at least it seemed
Until you said goodbye.
Just friends is something i just cant be
but if its all i can have from you
ill take it.
You said you’d never hurt me
but i guess that was a lie.
You were my inspiration
you made my dreams come true
And now im here alone
without you.
You brought me faith.
You gave me what i never thought was possible.
I just hope you got something from me.
Because now I’m Heartbroken
And it seems I’m helpless to change your mind.


My Baby


By Christina V Laureano



My Baby
He’s so good to me
More than I deserve.
He loves me, truly
Despite all my quirks.
Whenever he’s around
My heart soars,
My skin tingles.
He’s fulfilled all my hopes
And all my dreams,
He’s never let me down.
Without him I’m nothing
But another girl in the crowd.
I’ll stand by your side
Forever My Darling
I’ll Never Let You Go.
My Lover
My Best Friend
My Everything.




By Christina V Laureano



I’m lost in my thoughts,
So Lost I can’t think.
I’m Lost in my words,
So Lost I can’t speak.
I’m Lost in my heart,
and yet I still feel pain.
I’m Lost in soul,
I feel my body shake.
I’m Lost in my body,
Watch the cut across my veins.
I’m Lost in myself,
I need to open up my eyes,
Find myself and shock the world with my surprise.




By Christina V Laureano



If only you were in my life,
all day and all night,
I would finally know the true meaning of happiness.
If only i could know what that feels like.


True Friends


By Christina V Laureano



Someone to listen whenever you talk
Someone who understands
The true definition of a true friend.
Always by your side
Even if your wrong
True friends are hard to come along.
Someone to help you smile
Who knows how to make you laugh
True friends are something everyone should have.
A friend who likes you despite your faults
Who is there no matter what
True friends don’t leave scars or cuts.
So many great times together
SO many memories to share
True friends are not everywhere.
Choose your friends wisely
Though you may think you don’t need them
In the end you realize your not you without them.




By Christina V Laureano



Let’s get locked up together,
Just you and me.
We can play out all of our wildest Fantasies.
With a big bed and some candle light.
We can go on forever in this way.
Love is in my heart,
Lust is in my veins.
We’ll hold hands and cuddle,
Take a hot bath with bubbles.
Let’s make our dreams come true.
Right now and forever,
I just want to be with you.
I Am In Love With You.


How You Make Me Feel


By Christina V Laureano



I am thinking of you…
My face has lit up
I am dreaming of you…
I don’t want to wake up
I am fantasizing about you…
Watch me melt
I am with you…
See me smile
I am yours…
Watch me,
See me,
Feel me,




By Christina V Laureano



Ever since i walked through those doors
Rumors have been spread, and lies been told.
I don’t know how to stop it I thought it’d all go away.
Until i turned my back for just a sec,
and lost my best friend one day.
She was close to me,her heart pure.
But then one day she looked at me
And i could tell she didn’t feel the same anymore.
This happened for a while,
her ignoring me.
So one day i asked her quite simply.
“WHat is going on with us? I feel as if we’re off”
And simply she replied to me
in a voice just as soft.
She looked me in the eye and said
“I’m sick of all your lies”
But i had never told one
Throught he whole friendship i was true
But now i’m left all alone
And there is nothing i can do.




By Christina V Laureano



It is just a fantasy in their eyes.
Just a dream or thought,
A fiction of some sorts.
It is my reality.
If only they could see what I see,
Or know what i know,
Or feel like I feel…
(In this fantasy as they call it).
It’s not a fantasy.
This is real,
It is how i feel.
It’s my reality.
My life…My view..



By Christina V Laureano


Don’t listen to me…
-I’m speaking
Don’t trust me…
I’m true
Don’t catch me…
I’m falling
Don’t tape me…
I’m breaking
Don’t hear me
I’m screaming
Don’t stop me
I’m going
Don’t try me
I’m played
Don’t doubt me
I’m honest
Now I’m gone



By Christina V Laureano


Broken and Scared
Fearing for truth
Wondering if it will ever be.
Rainfall from her heart
The past wont let her run.
Memories of tears
And pains through her heart
Control her every move.
Wanting to believe.
Little things doubting her internally.
Wondering if this love is worth giving
Hoping she really is receiving.
Broken and Scared
Feeling alone
Bursting with emotion.
Not knowing what to say
Or the right time to say it.
In silence, she stands.
Wanting and Hoping
it truly will be.



By Christina V Laureano


When we are together,
everything is great.
I find that I never want to leave you.
I always want to be with you.
Then, the moment comes, when I have no choice but to leave you.
And I’m suddenly sad.
I miss you as soon as we’re not together.
Then you call, and a huge smile comes over my face.
We’ll talk, for just a few minutes, or maybe a few hours.
It doesn’t matter to me, because I know your thinking of me.
I’m missing you right now.
And I can’t wait till I see you again.
I just want to be held by you,
Kiss you, and just be with you,
By you, beside you.
Because that’s All I Need.



I can’t be

By Christina V Laureano


Sometimes, life is just not fair.
I wanted to end the pain today.
The pain was just not sharp enough.
Tried to be with you once again,
However, you bested me my friend.
And how it hurts to call you just that,
When my feelings are deep and true.
Yet you don’t believe me, nor I believe you.
Every second I spend missing you, missing us.
One last kiss, a hug, I can’t take it.
You played with my heart and you broke it.
But baby it’s true, I will never stop loving you.


© Christina V. Laureano 2013




  1. I enjoyed your poetry. My favorite one is “How You Make Me Feel”- it’s sweet, simple and transcends age. This *almost* makes me want to dig out some of my old poetry that I have left. (I don’t normally go back and read what I’ve written…it’s like I’m afraid I’ll get stuck there 🙂 )

    I hope you have a happy new year!

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